Kayti Quesada

Marcus Galindo

Kayti Quesada

Black Belt

I started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in February 2006 in the garage of a friend. (Side note: it took Mr. Q several months to talk me into joining him in said garage!) After the first few sessions - I was hooked! We had admired Chris’s fun & direct teaching style from the SBG VHS tapes and finally had the opportunity to meet him in person during the 2007 PANs! My first training session at “The Garage” was December 2009. Melissa was pregnant with Allison. It was a memorable experience that led to our eventual friendship with the Haueters. We officially joined the Combat Base family December of 2010.

I received my black belt from Melissa in March of 2017.

Other Styles: Karate

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