Ron Blake

Ron Blake

Ron Blake

Black Belt

Be great as a martial artist, but be greater as a human being.

My journey in martial arts started in 1989 when I signed up for a judo class in college.

I am grateful to have many people who have helped me along the way.

  • Steve Smith > Competitive Judo Coach
  • David Hernandez > my OG in BJJ
  • Clark Gracie > White - Purple professor
  • Matt Linsemier > Brown - Black Belt coach
  • Chris Haueter > Black Belt Professor.
  • Dusty Moran, Chris Snyder, Joe VanDenBoom, Andy Snyder, Ariya Shiraishi, Seiho Kawasaki, Sean Estree, Brandon Newington > My closest training partners
  • Jamie Blake, Max Blake, Jada Blake > My family and also training partners.
  • Terry Madden, Adam Posthuma, Collin Peace > Strength coaches
  • Mike Sanders > A brother, lost during the journey

Judo - Black Belt (Sandan)
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Black Bet

Other Styles: Judo

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