Get top notch instruction from Combat Base instructors, including Chris and Melissa Haueter. The video library includes instructional series, solo workout videos, a question and answer series, and more coming soon!

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Get top notch instruction from COMBAT BASE members all over the world including Chris Haueter (5th degree black belt under Rigan Michade,Part of the Dirty Dozen.) Matt Thorton ( Founder of SBG, Chris’s first black belt) and many others.

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A jiu jitsu haven? Open minded jiu jitsu group with no hierarchy and here to help? A place to have fun and support those around you while learning from individuals with years of experience and a desire to share? Combat Base may be one or many of these things. One thing it is not is an academy looking to get you to join its ranks and follow orders.

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"Training and being welcomed into the family at Combat Base with Chris and Melissa has been quite an honor it’s unique environment and the eclectic mix of training partners has made my jiu jitsu experience quite unique and fulfilling I’m honored to be belted and a student under Chris Haueter."
-James Bond, Owner of Undefeated
"Two of the best husband and wife teams in BJJ. Awesome teachers, amazing knowledge on mat. Keep up the good work in the BJJ community! Oss!"
-Tyrone Gooden, Black Belt from Michigan
"Chris teaches no bullshit, effective BJJ, and dispenses it in an easily accessible and often hilarious manner. There's nothing I've learned from him at seminars that isn't completely useful, and that's about as high a compliment as I can give."
-Jay Furness, Combat Base coach, brown belt & pro MMA fighter

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