The Black Belt Series

Latest Episode:

Eddie Cairns: Half Guard, Lapel Wraps and Submissions

Eddie walks us through a detailed explanation of a lapel wrap sweep and back take starting in the half guard position. Each technique ends with submission options. Eddie also covers a lapel wrap choke option from the closed guard.

Old School Street Fighting Series

Chris Haueter's 1999 DVD series redefines BJJ for real-world confrontations.

Private Lessons with Chris

Unlock your grappling potential with Chris Haueter's private BJJ masterclass series.

Solo Training Series

Melissa's solo series: master techniques through partner-free exercises and drills.

The Black Belt Series

Roll with the best - BJJ black belts teach their secret moves in every episode.

The Combat Base Club Series

Focusing on fundamentals, this series is a treasure trove for both novices and seasoned practitioners.

The Question & Answer Series

Chris and Melissa answer your BJJ queries in an interactive, member-driven series.

The Seminar Series

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