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Madison, WI
We also offer childern's classes!

Head Coach: Michael Velotta

Head Coach:
Michael Velotta

Foundations BJJ Academy, located in Madison, Wisconsin, is dedicated to providing high-quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction in an environment that is both welcoming and challenging. The academy is known for its straightforward and all-inclusive fees, with no contracts, no required academy or affiliation uniforms, and no testing or promotion fees. Promotions at Foundations are based on effort and results on the mat. Recognizing that individuals train in martial arts for various reasons, the academy supports its students' goals, whether they are competitive, self-defense oriented, or focused on skill improvement in a friendly yet competitive atmosphere. Foundations BJJ Academy proudly represents Chris and Melissa Haueter’s Combat Base Jiu Jitsu and offers a free trial to prospective students, encouraging them to try multiple classes before making a decision.
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