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Pilgrim Jiu Jitsu – Combat Base Flamborough

Freelton, Ontario
We also offer childern's classes!

Head Coach: David Pilgrim

Head Coach:
David Pilgrim

Welcome to Pilgrim Jiu Jitsu, a dynamic training group located in Freelton, Ontario, Canada. With a curriculum inspired by 35 years of martial arts experience, Pilgrim Jiu Jitsu offers a multi-disciplinary approach that encompasses grappling, striking, and weapons training.

As proud representatives of the Combat Base Club led by Chris and Melissa Haueter, and affiliates of the Thru the Fire training organization under John Koeshall, Pilgrim Jiu Jitsu creates a friendly and challenging environment for individuals to gather, improve, and support one another. This training group fosters a no-pressure learning experience with affordable, all-inclusive fees. Contracts and academy uniforms are not required, and promotions are based solely on the individual's effort and actions on and off the mat. Pilgrim Jiu Jitsu embraces diverse goals and motivations, providing a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere for all who seek to enhance their skills in martial arts. Join Pilgrim Jiu Jitsu today and discover a vibrant community dedicated to your growth and success on your martial arts journey.